Hiking and Biking at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve, Wheaton

Why Herrick?
Hiking and Biking, primarily- Over 7 miles of stunning trails along with fishing and boating facilities in the lake. The half-mile walk around the lake is absolutely blissful during Fall season. The hikes cut through much acclaimed Danada-Herrick Regional Trail. Famous for horseback riding and cross-country skiing as well.

As seen on the Lake Trail October 22, 2022

How to Plan your visit?

• Set your GPS here.

•  Choose the trails for hiking and biking.  Trail map (Dupage Forest portal)


•  Click here for official Dupage Forest portal for later info.
•  Carry picnic necessities. The place allows you to carry portal grills and offers hot coal containers as well.

• Run through this indispensable emergency checklist.

The photolog

The Lake Trail

The half-mile soft trail was mostly under the shade and studded with foliage all through.



It has a few shelters which can be reserved as well.


You can veer off to some side trails as well.



Herrick boasts of well-equipped paddling ops as well.

Courtesy, DupageForest

While boating, you can squeeze through the narrow path under the bridge to access the other side of the lake.


Do you like Herrick?
Ink in the comments section to share your experience!

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