Another blog for road trips, really?

“The Greatest Legacy We Can Leave Our Children Is Happy Memories.”

– Og Mandino.

And what better way to create memories than road trips!

While approaching Rocky Mountains National Park after 16 hours on the road.

There’s something about road trips – be it the joy of seeing a myriad of landmarks along the way or the endless stories and conversations along the way or soaking in the experience offered by different cities and cultures and finally, the ease of planning as well as aborting the trip (cancelling flight reservations don’t come easy).

With a multitude of places to point your GPS to, we want to pick the ones which have enough dough for the kids and the adults without breaking the bank.

And yet, even after getting almost everything right, you reach a place and wonder –

“Oh, if only we knew about this super cool natural slide“. 


“Jeez! we should have booked these tickets over internet in advance”. 

Does that ring a bell? Considering you might never visit the same place twice, you would want to get that first trip right.

This blog is an attempt from my end to distill down all my road trip experiences into concise posts that would help you create lifelong memories with every road trip and make sure the first activity you do after coming back from every road trip, is to plan the next one.

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