Summer Camping at Bullfrog Lake

Why choose Bullfrog for Camping?
Convenient location (about 30 minutes from Chicago), lakeside activities and biking and hiking trails around the area. Bonus – Booze is allowed. For first time campers, this is a perfect spot to get the feel for camping without a lot of hardships.

How to Plan your visit?

•  Just make a reservation at FPCC site here, pack your bags and go.

• Run through the checklist and prepare your emergency backpack. Here’s mine.

•  Get your bikes and enjoy the several miles of mountainous biking. Details here.

•  There are fishing and kayaking opportunities too.

Google Maps coordinates:

Note: I wouldn’t really recommend it for multiple days considering the overall facilities like bathrooms aren’t all that great.


We were lucky to get free Kayaking lessons before our camping.

Our posse

The campsites are large and have a decent sized fire-pit.

The best part of camping – the camp fire.

The early morning view from the pier.

That’s it.

Please ink in the comments section to share your thoughts on this post or your own experience of camping at BullFrog Lake!

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