Snow Tubing at Blackwell Forest Preserve, Warrenville

Why Snow Tubing at Mt Hoy in Blackwell?
A thrilling 800-foot drop off the natural hill right is one of the best family-friendly winter outdoor activities around Naperville/Aurora/Warrenville area.

PXL_20230129_182430267.MPSome of the best childhood memories!

Rapid instructions – check the FPDCC portal to know when the snow tubing is on, dress up for the weather, set your GPS to the parking lot here, pay 10$ per snow tube and be ready for the exhilarating ride. That’s all there is.


You can check out the other FPDCC winter activities here.

Tip: Kids 5 or younger could ride the same tube with an adult.

Once you park your car, a portable John greets you on your way to the check-in station.


After signing the waivers and paying, you head over to the pick up area.

FPDCC volunteers provide great assistance at every point of the experience

Warm and toasty fire as you commence your ascend.


And here comes the worst part, an arduous climb up the hill.


Rare Good Samaritans carrying other’s tube as well, but not looking so thrilled to do it!


The steel grate mats were invaluable in providing traction and solid footing to climbers of all ages!


The views from up top are quite frosty!


The right lane went a little faster, we felt.


And just when you need a little nudge, there’s always someone to help..


Wait, I didn’t ask you to turn me around..


Still going..


The adults were as frivolous as the kids, for a change.


#MildyInteresting The top speed was 24-miles an hour (did Strava recording to confirm).

The FPDCC volunteer was diligently managing the traffic once you hit the end of the tubing hill.

PXL_20230129_181950298.MP (1)

Just like that, it was time to go.

Kids of all shapes and sizes

Trust my words and take you and your kids out for this one, for sure!

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