Best Chicago Road Trip Memories of 2022

As we head into the last hours of 2022, here are the best pictures taken al fresco during my numerous Chicago-originating road trips this year. Enjoy!

A fall and rise from the Class V whitewater rapid in the New River at West Virginia during our yearly No-Regrets road trip was the marquee moment of the year.

cornwell-065 (1)

Below photos were taken few hours apart during our Spring Break Road Trip from Chicago to Chattanooga. Good things happen to Northerners who flee Chicago as soon as spring break hits.


An ape smoking a pipe? One of many queer props at the Rock City Gardens on Lookout Mountain during our Chattanooga Spring Break road trip –


The neatly tucked in Cherokee waterfall at Cloudland Canyon State Park, was as good a spring break hike can get.


The summer road trip at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky exceeded all expectations – natural bridges, miles of scenic hiking, swimming at natural waterfalls.

pxl_20220715_165652286.pano_-1 (1)
Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge

Ever thought of Kayaking through an abandoned mine in pitch dark?

Courtesy – Red River Gorge Underground

PXL_20220716_001946104.PANO (1)
Natural Swimming Hole near Cumberland Falls

10-hour road trip from Chicago to the New River Gorge area led us to numerous awe-inspiring scenic overlooks. Here is Diamond Overlook –


And the Concho Rim –


We sweated through all our pores while descending 821 steps to reach an abandoned mine at the Kaymoor Miner’s Trail.


The catwalk 25′ beneath the iconic New River Gorge bridge was truly memorable.


Devil’s Lake at Wisconsin got the honor of the camping road trip this year.

East Bluff Trail at Devil’s Lake

Surprise discovery of the year – We hit Ice Age Trail, one of 11 National Scenic Trails, almost by accident while camping at the Devil’s Lake.


The last activity on the road, the Winter Road Trip from Chicago to Florida panhandle, got us to witness our first drive through the snow storm.


Once at Pensacola, we couldn’t miss a chance to hit the Florida Trail, our second National Scenic Trail of the year.


The quartz rich white sands of Florida were at full tilt in showing off their glamour.


#NoFilter. The clear emerald blue waters of Florida’s gulf coast beaches have no match indeed.

Taken at Fort Pickens beach

The chilly weather in Pensacola had a silver lining, here is a mystic sunset at the Pensacola beach with no human soul in sight.


And just like the lengthening shadows of the evening sun, we bid adieu to 2022 and brace for a nature-adventure-hiking ridden 2023.


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