Hiking at Maple Grove, Downers Grove

Why Maple Grove?
The 1.5-mile hike through the maple forest is a sure-shot way to dispense all the stress in the world. The canopy of trees looks decadent during fall. This preserve is one of the last remaining patches of land which was the original Downers Grove.

A fall evening, as seen on Oct 29, 2022

How to Plan your visit?

• It was painful to find the right entry points. For the main Maple Avenue entrance, set your GPS here. The other entrance is secretly tucked away at Gilbert Park Baseball field, point your GPS here to get there easily.

• You can get your bikes as well, although the 1.5-mile trail is the mainly used for hiking.

• Run through this indispensable emergency checklist.

Tip: Please don’t forget bug sprays in summer.


The Approach Road

The surrounding area near the grove gives a glimpse of the local flora.

PXL_20221029_212741800 (1)

The Main Trail

You can access the main trail around the baseball field.

A canopy of trees studding the entrance

The winding trail is a mix of asphalt and soft dirt.

As taken on Oct 22, 2022

The trails are heavily trafficked and shared between hikers and bikers.


An oddly narrow bridge to cross over a stream.

The one-way bridge for hikers and bikers

The stream looked stunning with fallen leaves.

PXL_20221029_224005556 (1)

Maple Grove During Spring

The trail comes alive during spring season with blooming bluebells and other wildflowers.

Virginia bluebells at Maple Grove (FPDCC)

Other wildflowers (FPDCC)

The Picnic Grove

There are a few picnic tables near the Maple Avenue entrance. There are charcoal disposal containers as well, to assist the grillers.

That’s it! We were in-and-out in an hour, at an extremely relaxed walking space.

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