Hiking at Knoch Knolls Park, Naperville

Why Knoch Knolls Park?
Scenic trails, beautiful bridge over a river, biking paths, disc golf course, nature center, ankle deep water for the little kids and deeper water for kayaking and finally, kids playing area.

The trails offers great foliage, come fall.

How to Plan your visit?

• Hop in a car and set your GPS here.

• Run through this indispensable emergency checklist.

• Choose your hikes among below. We did the dashed walking path marked in red below. You just need to take right immediately after the bridge of the West branch of DuPage River and continue going until you hit the converging point. This was about a 2-mile out and back hike.


• For biking enthusiasts, choose the paved DuPage River trail –

PXL_20221016_134547232.PORTRAIT (1)

Tip: Please don’t forget bug sprays.


The Bridge

The bridge simmered under the sun

PXL_20221016_134500344Great White Egret soaking in the sun (as seen from the bridge)

The Hike

It was mostly in the shade and flat. The young or the elderly both would enjoy.



Where the rivers meet

We reached the convergence of East and West DuPage River branches after crossing over the DuPage river trail.

The views were delightful and the water was pretty shallow.


It didn’t take much for all of us to amble in the river. The water was cold and compensated well against the radiant summer sun on an 80 degrees+ day.


The Unmarked Trail

On our way back, we took a detour for the unmarked trail which runs by the creek around West branch of DuPage river. The detour was rewarding. There were several spots where kids could go into ankle deep water and indulge in frolics.



The tranquility of the river would nix all the stress in the world.

There were creepy spots along the way too.


And some interesting tree trunks…


Disk Golf

Right by the entrance, you would notice the large open space reserved for disk golf. There is no reservation, just get your disk golf gear and get going.


A gentleman giving it a rip.


And then strolling towards the first basket with his friend afterwards.


Knoch Knolls Nature Center

Nestled at the north side of park, Knoch Knolls Nature Center offers a ton of activities and exhibits, to pique kids’ interests. See the current roaster here.

Courtesy, Napervilleparks.org

One of the wall murals at the Nature Center

Kids Playing Area

To cap it all, there is a well-equipped nature themed kids playing area too.



That’s it!

Special thanks to Sanal Gangadharan for suggesting this hike.

Interested in Hiking options around Naperville? Please check other hiking locations here.

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One thought on “Hiking at Knoch Knolls Park, Naperville

  1. Nice blog and thanks for posting. Liked the ankle deep water of river. Would definitely like to visit this.

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