Weekend Road Trip to Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Why Put-In-Bay?
Beautiful touristy island on Lake Erie, about 6 hours from Naperville. You can also combine it with Cedar Point Amusement Park at Sandusky

Put-in Bay, as it looks from the chopper ride

How to Plan your visit?

•  Accommodation – you could stay at the island or at Marblehead (the closest city). We stayed in this VRBO cottage at Marblehead.

Cottage was well-equipped for large groups like ours

• Run through this indispensable emergency checklist.

• Run though the tech essentials to turbo-charge your road trips.

•  You can take the regular ferry or for the adventurous ones, rent a motorboat and speed away to the island.

•  Choose appropriate weather! We went late in April and it was still very cold. Ideal weather is summer.


•  Rented and raced the golf carts.

•  Enjoyed the highly rated African Safari Wildlife Park. You can feed a bunch of animals right from your car.

Courtesy, African Safari Wildlife Park

•  Enjoyed the beach and had an excellent brunch at a restaurant which was neatly split into two – pizza joint and a pub which offered great beer on the tap.

Tip: Contrary to some of the other online reviews, even though the place was brimming with young crowd (and pubs, obviously), the island was equally receptive to families with kids, I would go there next time as well.

Our Trip Details from Naperville

April 28, 2018

Road Trip
Naperville to Marblehead, OH
318 miles. We made it in 6 hours with 2 short breaks.

Capturing the evening hues, on the way


Put-In Bay


We used the ferry to get to the island

The golf carts are indispensable to roam around the island

You can rent choppers too

Where there is an island, there is a beach (mostly)

African Safari Wildlife Park 

It was at a short distance. Highly rated and rightly so. Kids are going to love this drive-through safari where they can feed right from the car.

Scary (and amazing at the same time) to have the animals poke in

Journey Back Home

We headed back home after couple of days and made it in around 6 hours.

So Long, Put-in Bay

That’s it, hope you visit Put-in Bay soon and create your own memories!

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