Hiking At Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park, Governors State University

Why Nathan Manilow?
Voted #1 in the Sculpture Parks category in the entire nation in several       forums.  Arguably one of the best in the world.
30 outdoor larger-than-life sculptures spread across a mile long hike at sprawling Prairie grasslands.
The park is open 365 days an year and has no fee. There’s prolly no reason to *not* visit.


How to Plan your visit?

• Hop in a car and set your GPS here to get to Parking Lot D at Governors State University.

• Download the trail map from here. We parked at Parking Lot D and went through the University campus to reach the point marked by Star, and hiked the loop around the Museum Lake.

Tip: The trailhead for the hike around the lake (in counter clockwise direction) is right besides exhibit 5, took us quite some time to find it. The must-watch exhibit 13 (Paul) at the other side of the lake.


• Run through the emergency checklist.


You hike though an open path near the lake so better to choose a not-so-hot day.


Above exhibit is bigger than you think

It can fit in kids or adults

The Mystery Wall

Some sculptures were indoors

A wall mural inside the University

That’s it. We were in-and-out in about couple of hours with gazillion pictures.

Interested in other Hiking options around Naperville? Please check other hiking locations here.

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