Biking and Hiking at Mallard Lake, Hanover Park

Why Mallard Duck?
If you are looking for a serene lake with great bird watching, biking, hiking, fishing  ops, you got a winner. You can be in and out of the place in an hour if you are looking for a quick weekend evening rendezvous with nature.
It is so close to O’Hare airport that you will see dozens of planes any day.

Check this video from Dupage Forest Preserve if you have any doubts:

How to Plan your visit?

• Hop in a car and set your GPS here.

• Run through the emergency checklist.

• Check the map and plan your trip. We did an easy 3-mile loop around the lake.

Screenshot 2022-07-04 165317


The biking path is unpaved mostly with not much tree shade so better to choose a cloudy day.


There are a few bridges where you can stop and soak in the tranquility of the lake.



The lake offers wetlands and scattered trees around the lake.


That’s it!

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