Biking Trip To Blackwell Forest Preserve, Warrenville

Why Blackwell?
Nearest forest preserve from my community (Atwaters), a moderate 5 mile one-way ride mostly on the preeminent Illinois Prairie Path with plenty of shades on the trail. Very apt ride even for young kids, my 6 year old was the youngest in our flock and it was a moderate ride for him.

On our way to Mt Helena, a beautiful scenic overlook

Blackwell Forest Preserve has been voted #1 in many polls for the best preserve in the western Chicago suburbs area. Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Scenic Overlook, Camping, Archery – name your pick and head over. More details can be found at my other blog post and at Dupage Forest portal.

The Ride

Below is the plat of our biking ride from our community. There were a few detours due to a stretch of Illinois Prairie Path closed temporarily due to construction.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.25.33 PM

The entire activity can be found at Strava here.

The photologue

Due to the detour, we had to cross Route 59 via the main road diamond crossing which was little stressful, considering the number of kiddos in our posse.

The Illinois Praire Path offered a pristine view of the local flora on our way to Blackwell.


There is an underground tunnel en route to Blackwell where bikers need to alight and walk it off. Perfect opportunity to lay on some cheesy comments.

Blackwell Forest Preserve was thinly populated (no surprises there), considering it is one of the most sought after picnic spots around Naperville township.

Macro lens to good use. Courtesy: Vasu

One of many local lakes in Blackwell. Courtesy: Vasu

That’s it.

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