Biking and Hiking at McDowell Grove, Naperville

Why McDowell Grove?
You would be awestruck to find this tranquil DuPage River floodplain right by the ever bustling I-88. It has everything you would expect from a touristic nature attraction – sprawling biking paths, hiking trails, a mud lake (no swimming allowed though), picnic tables, ample opportunities for bird gazing and a very expansive local flora and fauna.

How to Plan your visit?

You could either drive or bike up there. I did the later and also biked along the few trails inside the nature attraction. You can see my excursion below which starts and ends with my community Atwaters.

Alert: There were some points in the trail which were closed due to slippery conditions, so please keep an eye out. You can check my Strava activity map below to know more about the detours I took.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 8.59.57 AM

Google Maps coordinates –

Strava activity link:

The photologue

The park inlet is at the intersection of McDowell and Raymond Dr.


There are several shadowy paths on the hiking/biking trails which offer much needed respite against the summer sun.


The below video exasperates the thick vegetation around the nature attraction.

The area is laced with natural beauty.

The Dupage River (West Branch)

Please check out below to experience the quietude on offer:

PANO_20200525_133931.vrThe Mud Lake

The McDowell Grove has nearly 7 miles of looped turf and limestone trails for hikers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers and horseback riders. The trails connect to the West Branch DuPage River Regional Trail, which links to four other preserves.


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Interested in other hiking options around Naperville? Please check other hiking locations here.

Do you like McDowell Grove?
Please ink in the comments section to share your experience!

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