Biking and Picnic at Blackwell Forest Preserve

Why Blackwell?
Ideal picnic destination for South West Suburban residents – has several lakes, biking and hiking paths, fishing and boating facilities in the lake and finally, numerous picnic joints with charcoal grilling support. You could camp in there as well.

How to Plan your visit?

•  Choose your appetite – picnic or over night camping. We choose the former and did a picnic spiced with biking, hiking and boating.

• Run through this indispensable emergency checklist.

Tip: There are multiple entrances and parking spots so better to choose the exact spot in GPS. So, would recommend using following Google Maps link:

Blackwell Boat Rentals Parking

•  Here’s the link for all activities in the area.

•  The trail map


The photologue

Biking kick-off


Biking trip can’t go complete without a selfie!


Third person photography on top of the Mt. Hoy


Monarch butterfly greeted us on the pathway to Mt. Hoy


The sledding area looking down from Mt. Hoy


Sight from the picnic area near Hawthorn Grove overlooking the lake harbor.


And a serene boating experience to cap it all.


That’s it.

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