Spring Weekend Road Trip to Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Why Put-In-Bay?
Beautiful touristy island on Lake Erie, about 6 hours from Naperville. You can also couple it with Cedar Point Amusement Park at Sandusky

How to Plan your visit?

•  Accommodation – you could stay at the island or at Marblehead (the closest city). We stayed in this VRBO cottage at Marblehead:

   272 N Perryview Dr
   Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440-1121

•  You can take the regular ferry or for the adventurous ones, rent a motorboat and speed away to the island.

•  Choose appropriate weather! We went late in April and it was still very cold.

Activities we did

•  Rented and raced the golf carts.

•  Enjoyed the beach and had an excellent brunch at a restaurant which was neatly split into two – pizza joint and a pub which offered great beer on the tap.

Tip: Contrary to some of the other online reviews, even though the place was brimming with young crowd (and pubs, obviously), the island was equally receptive to families with kids, I would go there next time as well.

Our Trip Details from Naperville

April 28, 2018

Road Trip
Naperville to Marblehead, OH
6 hours from North Naperville.


That’s it, not much of photographic activity there!

Please feel free to ink in the comments section if you have some feedback!


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