Hiking at Red Oak Nature Center, Batavia

Hiking at Red Oak Nature Center, Batavia

Why Red Oak Nature Center?
A bunch of short hikes for the kiddos, pleasing views of Fox Lake River, an intriguing small cave and a fairly equipped Nature Center. Can a FREE outdoor stopover get better than that?

How to Plan your visit?

• Hop in a car and set your GPS here.

• Pack the emergency hiking back-pack – I keep some water, packed food, sun-screen, bug-repellent, first-aid, analgesic, water-proof pouch for cellphone (a must have since I bricked my Pixel 2 in Everglades in this trip), sanitizer, soft tissues, towel and extra battery juice pack.

• Check the map and plan your trip. All of these hikes are fairly curt, so should be easy to cover them all.

Please don’t miss the caves on the far left!



The Hike

It’s tailor made for the kids – flat, shady and curt.


The cave on the west side of nature center was quite inviting.

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